Awake Spine Hybrid Course

Alok Sharan · July 1, 2022

Learn the latest advancements in the use of regional anesthesia in spine surgery. Co-Directed by W. Michael Bullock, MD PhD and Alok D Sharan, MD MHCDS.

This course is a compilation of lectures offered in person at the Pacira Innovation Training Center at Tampa and virtually via Zoom. Doc Social also partnered with Immertec to offer the course via 3D Virtual Reality Technology. 


Lecture Presenter
Introduction Alok D. Sharan, MD
Why Awake Spine Surgery? Kingsley Abode-Iyamah, MD
Regional Block in Spine Surgery Michael Bullock, MD
Awake TLIF Alok D. Sharan, MD
Awake Endoscopic Spine Surgery Paul Houle, MD
Awake Robotic Spine Surgery Ernest Braxton, MD
Awake XLIF Georgios Bakaloudis, MD
Awake TransKambin Approach Muhammad Abd-El-Barr
Marvel Group Jamie Rindler
Developing an Awake Spine Program Helen Hann, Murtuza Sukander MBBS
How to Market your Awake Spine Surgery Program Renee Oliveira
Time for Q&A will be allotted after each presentation

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