Robotic Total Hip Arthroplasty

(Mako) Total Hip 4.0 Enhanced Arthroplasty Overview and Discussion of robotic-assisted total hip replacement with Dr. Cory Calendine and Dr. Robert C. Marchand, orthopedic surgeons and (Mako) robotic-assisted surgery instructors.
Cory Calendine · September 7, 2022

Cory Calendine, MD, surgeon/moderator orthopedic surgeon with the Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee (Franklin, TN) specializes in hip and knee replacement. Dr. Robert Marchand is also an experienced orthopedic surgeon currently working with Ortho Rhode Island. Both Dr. Calendine and Dr. Marchand are experts in robotic-assisted surgery, serving as robotic surgery consultants and instructors.
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Clinic Location: Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee, 3000 Edward Curd Lane
Franklin, TN, (615) 791-2630

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