Medical Device Rep Podcast: Dr. John Shields

Device Nation sits down with a surgeon you need to know, Dr. John Shields!  Fellowship Director Adult Reconstruction, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Wake Forest Baptist Health, there are some GREAT pearls of wisdom for the recon-minded among us!  We talk about his life, his practice and him as one of my favorite follows on Twitter:

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We continue our FBI “Special Agent” series, looking at the first step of the Behavioral Influence Stairway developed by former FBI BSU chief, Dr. Greg Vecchi.   The step called Empathy is the key to the entire stairway so we are spending some time on its' precursors. 

Today's precursor is active listening as we get a little “salesy” with the 5 P's!!!

Behavioral Influence Stairway Model Graphic:

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