Boundaries Not Burnout: The 3-Step Plan For Building A Better Day Off

Momentum is a powerful force that can propel you forward like nothing else. The tricky part is… building momentum as a doctor while you’re constantly caring for others, constantly being sucked dry, constantly doing more than expected, isn’t like turning on a light switch.

If you focus on the wrong things at the wrong time, eventually you’ll feel tapped out and tired. Like nothing is working. And that’s when most doctors experience burnout.

When you focus on protecting your time, you have options.

In this CRASH COURSE you’ll learn…

– The biggest boundary shifts you NEED to know about. Hint: if you keep creating boundaries that slip away easily on your day off… I’ll show you how to make get started choices (when you’re ready) that don’t feel threatening.

– My short list of favorite boundary building strategies… It’s enough to make a doctor with limited time get excited. I’ll dive deep into what’s currently pulling the most weight for me and my clients.

– Why building boundaries is more important than ever and my TOP strategy for knowing it’s not enough to create boundaries, you actually have to follow through. Your boundaries will help you build a better day off if you do this ONE strategy consistently.

My goal for you? After this CRASH COURSE, you will never again say the words, “I want to build a better day off and don’t know what to do next.”


About Instructor

Erin Whitehead The Surgeon Coach

WHAT I DO: I partner with busy orthopedic surgeons in a trustworthy, thought provoking process that maximizes their personal and professional potential. My job is coaching you past your next highest level and acting as an accountability partner. The result is you achieving peak performance on an ongoing basis, with less friction.   COACHING APPROACH: Results. This may seem obvious, but it's not. I help my clients focus on the powerful, compelling future they want to create. And we don't stop there. I represent my client's commitment and potential to themselves and their future. I plant a "stake in the ground" for what my clients can do. If my client waivers I do not, because I help represent my client's most ambitious, noble, and aspiring goals.   RESEARCH: As a current Fellow at the Institute of Coaching McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical I work to disseminate the best coaching science and protect the scientific integrity of the coaching profession.   WHAT COACHING IS NOT: Executive coaches, unless licensed, do not make or treat diagnoses or collect case history data; it is not a replacement for licensed therapy.   Direct: 321.440.3377 EST Email:

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