Buffering Against Burnout

Doctors are burned out and starting to question whether to leave medicine altogether. Learn 3 powerful tactics you can implement immediately to start buffering against burnout and get your life back!


About Instructor

Erin Whitehead MBA

WHAT I DO: I partner with busy orthopedic surgeons in a trustworthy, thought provoking process that maximizes their personal and professional potential. My job is coaching you past your next highest level and acting as an accountability partner. I do not create client dependency.   COACHING APPROACH: Results. This may seem obvious, but it's not. I help my clients focus on the powerful, compelling future they want to create. And we don't stop there. I represent my client's commitment and potential to themselves and their future. I plant a "stake in the ground" for what my clients can do. If my client waivers I do not, because I help represent my client's most ambitious, noble, and aspiring goals.   RESEARCH: As a current Fellow at the Institute of Coaching McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical I work to disseminate the best coaching science and protect the scientific integrity of the coaching profession.   WHAT COACHING IS NOT: Executive coaches, unless licensed, do not make or treat diagnoses or collect case history data; it is not a replacement for licensed therapy.   Direct: 321.440.3377 EST Email: Erin@ErinMWhitehead.com

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