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MBA, Entrepreneurship, Executive Coaching, Neuroscience, Competitive Strategy, Political Science/Law


WHAT I DO: I partner with busy orthopedic surgeons in a trustworthy, thought provoking process that maximizes their personal and professional potential. My job is coaching you past your next highest level and acting as an accountability partner. I do not create client dependency.


COACHING APPROACH: Results. This may seem obvious, but it’s not. I help my clients focus on the powerful, compelling future they want to create. And we don’t stop there. I represent my client’s commitment and potential to themselves and their future. I plant a “stake in the ground” for what my clients can do. If my client waivers I do not, because I help represent my client’s most ambitious, noble, and aspiring goals.


RESEARCH: As a current Fellow at the Institute of Coaching McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical I work to disseminate the best coaching science and protect the scientific integrity of the coaching profession.


WHAT COACHING IS NOT: Executive coaches, unless licensed, do not make or treat diagnoses or collect case history data; it is not a replacement for licensed therapy.


Direct: 321.440.3377 EST


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You’re constantly caring for others, constantly doing more than expected, constantly putting yourself last, constantly being sucked dry.


And, there’s a constant pressure to replace you with less expensive options because you’re targeted as the one responsible for soaring healthcare costs yet your concerns and ideas on how to make positive changes are often ignored.


Not to mention feeling rushed to finish up the day’s work and head out the door so you can make it home in time for family dinner, or your kids soccer practice, or neighborhood game night ~ whatever you can swing inside a 90+ hour workweek.


But, you’re there in body, going through the motions, and telling yourself, “There must be a better way.”


How does a doctor educated and trained in a system that puts everyone and everything else first, make the mindset shift to win over and over again?


Be a part of your own creative process and you can start today!


WHAT I DO: I teach orthopedic surgeons how to pull apart what you believe to be true about mindset and find the one thing inside that belief system that’s actually holding you back. Then, take that knowledge and teach you how to get out of your own way; without disturbing your reputation or taking a step back in your career.


Here what I do that others coaches don’t…


  • Proven coaching techniques backed by science that are making a difference right now in operating rooms, private practices, among medical teams, and around the hospital board room table.
  • High impact executive coaching sessions that keep you accountable so you can move through life with sustainable purpose ~ because that’s what you deserve.
  • NO WRITTEN HOMEWORK that would cause you to carve more time that you don’t have. You’re also not expected to spontaneously flip into a downward dog, color a life wheel, or mediate together.
  • No workbooks or handouts since they get filed away and never used.
  • I get you results!


One last tidbit. I am an industry mentor for the National Science Foundation’s iCorps program at the University of Central Florida teaching startups in the medtech space how to find product market fit and launch their dream into the market. It’s awesome.


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Executive Coaching