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A Little History

Hippocrates was born in 460 BC in Ancient Greece. Over the course of a lifetime he studied symptoms and studied diseases to understand what causes human suffering. Not satisfied with just understanding the disease process, he later went on to create one of the first intellectual schools devoted to teaching the practice of medicine. Many of his students would gather under the now famous tree and listen to him teach the fundamentals of treating diseases.

Medicine has advanced greatly since that time. Knowledge is no longer the exclusive property of a few – with widespread connectivity through the Internet and social media sites it is clear that knowledge on how to heal suffering can and should be shared rapidly between individuals.

Now more than ever it is clear that there has to be a new way for physicians to learn and spread knowledge.


Doc Social was created with the explicit purpose of delivering more effective and accessible digital education for the world’s physicians and healthcare providers.

We built this platform to give providers a secure space to connect, collaborate, and share with peers. More importantly we felt that it was time to properly reward healthcare content creators for their ideas.

Doc.Social is reimaging how thought leaders are determined, how we find and consume the best ideas in medicine, and more importantly, how we socialize new knowledge.

Semper Discens, Semper Crescens (Always Learning, Always Growing)

Join our Community and See What Makes Us Different

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3 Profiles

Courses & Lectures

Our courses curate high quality content around a single subject into a logical flow of material designed to take a user on a deep dive around a topic, teach a new procedure or protocol, and rethink the way industry and providers educate together.

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Groups are powerful peer to peer collaboration spaces, and are complete with space for file sharing, secure in-app video chat, and in-depth discussion boards.

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Your profiles work for you by providing a one-stop shop to promote yourself to peers, patients, and industry partners.

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Every provider has a story to tell and a lesson to teach. Our hope is that Doc.Social becomes the leading platform for all different providers where anyone can go to learn about any relevant topic in medicine.

We hope you enjoy it!

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