Educate your peers. Share your research. Monetize your work


If you have a set of video lectures, presentations, and other documents around a particular subject, creating a course is ideal. Our team can help you structure the lessons, add supplemental documents, and promote your course. 

We can also help coordinate demo sets, anatomic models, and other hands-on learning tools for your students


Sharing a video lecture or narrated presentation is a quick and easy way to promote your content. Share research, surgical techniques, patient care protocols, and much more

Start a Group

Shared interest or study groups are an excellent way to collaborate with peers and discuss new technology, emerging techniques, or simply share best practices around tried and true methods. 


Podcasts are one of the most popular ways to engage in debate and discussion. Host your podcast in our podcasts section to increase the audience you may already have.

List Your Event

Add your conference, course or event series to our community calendar.  If you want us to host it, reach out – we’d love to help power it.

The Doc Social Advantage

Promote your content

You'll automatically get a customizable promotional page and easily link to your course or lecture from LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.

Multilingual & translatable

All our videos courses and lectures have multilingual subtitles available which can allow you to share ideas across continents.

Connect to sponsors

Our team is working hard to ensure your lecture or course is connected with a sponsor interested in helping promote your content.

Amazingly responsive

All lectures, courses, and group content is optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop viewing, ensuring a great user experience no matter the device.

Community builder

Easily stay engaged with viewers and students with simple tools to share updates, respond to feedback and facilitate meaningful discussion

Easy to use interface

Our course builder, lecture uploader and group pages are all easy to use and navigate. We also have a team standing by if ever need help!