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All lecture and course ads are active forever. Your sponsorship on the selected lecture or course is a permanent sponsorship unless revoked by sponsor. 



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Frequently asked questions

Our content creators are compensated by using a proprietary formula which factors number of views, number of new users, view time, and other metrics. Physicians are compensated regardless of a specific ad purchase. Your sponsorship does not reflect a payment directly or indirectly to that physician whose ad you may have sponsored. 

A lecture is a single presentation uploaded by a single physician. A course is collection of lectures by one or more physicians specifically designed to compliment each other with regard to a topic of interest (ex. Lateral Surgery, Awake Spine Surgery, ASC Ownership). Courses may have other elements such as quizzes, “cadaver” anatomic model integration, or demo sets that are included. 

Groups are collaborative shared interest spaces that bring together physicians working towards the advancement of a topic (i.e. Awake Spine Study Group, Robotic Surgery Research, etc.). Groups can host live webinar conferences to thousands of ateendees, share research, and produce courses. Group sponsorships are a great way to show that your company cares and the research topic. 

We offer full site flagship sponsorship for select companies. This package includes full site banner ads, sidebar ads, and premium video ads. You’ll also receive lifetime discounts on lecture, course, and group ads. All flagship sponsors are paired with a dedicated marketing concierge to ensure you’re investment is meeting expectations. 

Ads for lectures and courses last forever; you are the permanent sponsor for that content. Sponsorship for Group Pages and full-site ads are variable, but most packages are quarterly. 

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