016 How Is Digital Health Industry Reshaping Clinical Trials? (Guido Axman – Medicinisto; Alexander Puschilov – Viomedo)

Clinical trials are essential from many aspects. They are needed for assessment of safety, efficacy, and superiority of existing drugs, therapies, equipment. They are essential to an assessment of new scientific findings. However, many challenges surround them. Medicinisto is a young German startup connecting medical experts to the industry. In this episode, its CEO Guido Axman explains how the company is trying to prevent only established researchers participating in clinical trials. Researchers and clinical trial setting are the essential two components of each new project. The next challenge is finding participants. For some patients participation in a clinical trial can be a shortcut to a new therapy or a last resort for their health improvement.  The industry is looking for participants through doctors, internet, patient groups, advertisement. There are many means. One option is a special agency, and this is Viomedo found an opportunity. Viomedo is a platform with a database of clinical trials in Germany, making it easier for patients from Germany to find an appropriate trial for themselves. Alexander Puschilov, the Managing Director of Viomedo, talks about how the company is connected to the industry, what challenges patients are facing when trying to get into clinical trials and how the company is solving this issue.


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