018 What Forces Are Reshaping Early Stage Digital Health Funding? (Christian Seale; Matt Storeygard; Kyoko Watanabe; Alexander Hoffman; Clara Leonard)

How are VCs looking at the changing landscape of investment opportunities? This was the topic at the Early Stage investments panel at mHealth Israel Conference, held in Jerusalem in September 2017. The included speakers were: Christian Seale, Partner, StartupBootcamp, USA Matt Storeygard, Investor, Connecticut Innovations, USA Kyoko Watanabe, Managing Partner, Defta Partners, USA Alexander Hoffman, Merck Ventures, Germany Clara Leonard, Partner, Digital Health Ventures, Germany.
The discussed topics in this podcast, are:
– Is digital health really that much different from other industries when it comes to investment?
– How long do investors stay with digital health companies? 
– What are VCs looking at in early-stage companies, since investments in the riskiest? 
– Which funding models are becoming obsolete?
– According to Coinschedule 2,1 bn USD have been raised this year alone with ICOs by September, the biggest ones worth 265, 230, 185 million USD. What are new forms of funding such as crowdfunding and ICOs bringing to the market?


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