021 Is Dubai Going To Become The Global Capital of Digital Health? (Michael Stroud – Dubai Healthcare City; Brian de Francesca – VER2; Mazin A. Gadir  & Osama Elhassan  – Dubai Health Authority)

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is the most populous city and Emirate in the country with a GDP of 82 billion USD. It is a global business hub that keeps transforming rapidly. In October 2016, Dubai launched a citywide blockchain strategy with the objective of becoming the first blockchain powered city, driving the future economy by 2020. In this episode, you can hear: What are the strong and the weak points of healthcare innovation here? How the use of social media became a quality indicator in healthcare? Why is Dubai striving to become the global center of digital health and how is the way forward being designed? How far is the blockchain strategy in practice?
Michael Stroud — International healthcare executive from the UK, who is currently Director at Dubai Healthcare City,
Brian de Francesca — CEO of a telemedicine company Ver2, based in Dubai,
Mazin A. Gadir — Senior Specialist at The Executive Office for Organisational Transformation at Dubai Health Authority,
Osama Elhassan — Head of e-Health Section at Dubai Health Authority.
Read more: https://medium.com/faces-of-digital-health/ep-21-is-dubai-going-to-become-the-global-capital-of-digital-health-173006ac929 


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