14. Physician lending in a post-Covid world with Stefan Hartman

Do you have any questions about refinancing, restructuring or taking on new debt? 

In this episode, Kameron Helmuth is joined by Stefan Hartman, market executive with State Bank, as they discuss the world of private banking and lending. Kameron and Stefan aim to educate you about what is available, and what exists for physicians only.

Stefan discusses:

  • His background in private banking, and what the role of a market executive is
  • Things that physicians should be thinking about when engaging a private banker
  • The importance of having a financial team that communicates
  • How COVID-19 has impacted the private banking space
  • And more

Connect With Stefan Hartman:

Connect With Kameron Helmuth & Lauren Oschman:

About Our Guest:

Stefan’s degree in Business Management and his fourteen plus years in the banking industry make him a preferred business lending partner. Currently, Stefan is a Senior Vice President, Market Executive serving our Northern Indiana Market. He has found that working with State Bank offers his clients a diverse team of experts that can provide industry leading solutions with a hometown community bank feel.



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