#2 | Can Doctors Create A Fanocracy? David Meerman Scott and Dr. Reiko Scott

David Meerman Scott is an internationally acclaimed business growth strategist, public speaker, and author of ten previous books, including The New Rules of Marketing and PR and Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead.

Dr. Reiko Scott, earned a neuroscience degree from Columbia University and will soon graduate as a medical student at Boston University. In her spare time, Reiko enjoys publishing fan fiction and loves to cosplay at Comic Con. Reiko is the daughter of David and Yukari Watanabe Scott.

  1. How the Dad, a best-selling author and marketing strategist, and the daughter, a neuroscientist and medical student, conspired to write Fanocracy.
  2. Learn the one thing they didn’t expect from writing the book.
  3. They discuss how the key to creating a “Fanocracy” is to put the needs and wishes of fans ahead of every other priority.
  4. Reiko provides a glimpse at how doctors are caring for patients during the CoronaVirus.
  5. Is it counterintuitive for most leaders and doctors to build a “Fanocracy?”
  6. What does being Ridiculously Inspiring mean to them?
  7. In their book, Fanocracy, they provide examples, including healthcare, on how principles of building a Fanocracy apply to the patient experience.
  8. What doctors can learn from The Grateful Dead fans?
  9. Doctors are in the business of prognosis and diagnosis. What does Reiko and David mean when they discuss The Alienation of Misdiagnosis?
  10. What is the best compliment about the book they’ve received so far?

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