A New View on Revenue: Transforming Healthcare Systems Through Supply Chain

What do revenue models have to do with the profitability of your Operating Room? How is the changing landscape going to impact the bottom line of your hospitals today and into the future? From charge stickers on every item, to capitation rates and merit-based incentive pay, we’re all experiencing a transformation in the payment structure of patient care even if we can’t quite get our minds around it. In this First Case Vendor Spotlight™ interview, we dive into this hot topic in healthcare with Dan Pfister, President of United Pathways, Inc. Join us as we discuss the tension between delivering patient care within our current silos and hand-offs, and the new world of hospital finance that is coming for all of us. Tune in to find out how to prepare your OR team for the transformation that is coming, and learn about how you can play a part as change agent right where you are!

For more information, you can connect with Dan on LinkedIn or email him at dan.pfister@unitedpathways.com. You can also visit https://unitedpathways.com/ to learn more! 


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