APAC Series Ep. 1: What is Roche Keeping an Eye on in Thailand? (Farid Bidgoli)

This is the first episode in the series of discussions about healthcare and digital health in the APAC Region.

In this episode Farid Bidgoli, General Manager for Roche in Thailand and neighboring countries. Farid talked about the healthcare system situation in Thailand, the state of digital health technologies, what kind of solutions Roche is keeping an eye on and more. 

The upcoming episodes feature:

  • Ruby Wang, health and life science consultant, former Head of Health for the UK Government in China at the British Embassy in Beijing about the Chinese market. 
  • We will be diving into Vietnam with Beth Ann Lopez, a Co-founder and CEO at Docosan, a healthcare marketplace that aims to make it effortless to access healthcare and help find a doctor who is available in Vietnam.

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