Cancer Series Ep. 3: AI, Precision Oncology and Understanding Cancer (Pangea Biomed)

This is the 3rd episode in the Cancer Series.

In this episode, you’ll hear a bit about precision medicine in oncology, drug repurposing and the increasing challenges precision medicine poses for clinical trials. I spoke with Tuvik Beker, CEO of Pangea Biomed, an Israeli-based company tackling oncology drug development and treatment recommendation by not only looking at the single mutations in tumor cells, which the Pharmaceutical industry has already found targeted therapies for. Cancer treatments are evolving very rapidly, but precision and targeted therapies are still only effective in roughly 10% of cancer patients. Pangea Biomed tries to understand broader gene activation patterns inside tumor cells and recommends a therapy that would help exploit cancer cells’ defense mechanisms.  As explained in simplified terms by Tuvik Beker.

Cancer Series Ep. 1: Access to Care, Financial Toxicity and Healthcare IT in Oncology

  • Speaker: David J. Stewart, MD, FRCPC, Professor of Medicine in the Division of Medical Oncology at the University of Ottawa and The Ottawa Hospital. 

Cancer Series Ep.2: Cancer, Genomics and Data Science

  • Speaker: Xose M. Fernandez, genomicist and up until recently the Chief Data Officer at Institut Curie in France, one of the leading medical, biological, and biophysical research centers in the world.



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