Divided We Fail: Overcoming the Damaging Drama of OR / SPD Battles

“Where’s my tray?” “How’d you break the scope?” “Why aren’t you precleaning?” “Agh, they messed it up again!” If you’ve worked in the operating room for any amount of time, you know that the relationship between the OR and SPD can be strained. For two departments that so heavily depend upon each other, the relationship is oftentimes more of a blame game than one of cooperation, mutual respect, and positive feedback – from both sides. In this episode of First Case, join Paul, Jeremy, and Justin as they talk with Peter Nichol, MD, practicing pediatric surgeon at the University of Wisconsin and Chief Medical Officer at Beyond Clean about this critical issue. Tune in as we get a surgeon’s perspective on Sterile Processing challenges that impact the OR, and discuss ways to start changing the relationship dynamic between the OR and SPD today.

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