Dr Syed T. Hoda – Advocating for Pathology, Family Connect During COVID , and Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology

Today my guest is Bone and Soft Tissue Pathologist Dr Syed Hoda.

What we discuss with Dr Hoda:

  • How he came to choose bone and soft tissue as a specialty
  • His appearances on Doctor Radio and pathCast
  • Family Connect – helping to communicate with families of COVID patients and how he became involved
  • His thoughts on advocating for pathology and some things we can do
  • His recent appearance on the Genius: Sciencing Our Human Potential podcast
  • Being featured in the documentary film When the Shifts Change

Links for this episode:

  • Dr Hoda on Twitter
  • Doctor Radio episode here
  • pathCast episode on YouTube
  • When The Shifts Change trailer here
  • Genius: Sciencing Our Human Potential episode
  • Doctors Who Create website

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