Ep# 109 – Be More Clear and Focused

In the past couple of episodes, I’ve discussed the ways our mind tricks us into thinking we’re failures, or shows us that we have no reason for celebration. It’s easy for the high achiever to get stuck, ignore progress, and focus on what hasn’t been done.  

Instead of celebrating only tangible results and major victories, we can learn to be proud of ourselves without doing anything more.

Today I share three prompts that I use with my clients. . . to help them shift how they see themselves and measure their growth.  You can use these same prompts in the same way.  In fact, your responses to these prompts will both surprise you, and help you experience more freedom and fulfillment.

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Listen to ‘Dr. Dena George on Editing Your Story’ – episode 66 on Life Coaching for Women Physicians podcast by Dr. Ali Novitsky.  This is a sweet conversation on how to create a higher quality of life.  

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