Ep #90 – Natural Tendency Thinking

Code blue in room 100. 

My heart races, the nausea comes.

We all have natural tendencies. . .things we do because it is easy or automatic.  Things we do without thinking about it because it’s just. . . natural.

Our mind does the same thing.  We have natural tendency thinking.  It’s automatic. . .meaning our mind automatically delivers it. . .especially during times of stress or uncertainty.  Our mind in an instant fills up with doubt, fear, uncertainty. . .and the worst case scenario.

Natural tendency thinking is where my mind goes when I hear the code blue announcement. . .and why my heart races.

It’s easy to believe that natural tendency thinking is who we are.  Today’s episode will challenge that. . . and show how this thinking is simply part of the human experience.  And how it doesn’t need to define your life experience. 

An unstoppable life includes identifying your natural tendency thinking every time it comes up, and not letting it alter your path.



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