Ep#19 – Jamey Schrier: Practice Freedom

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This week, Daniel Seidler is joined by Jamey Schrier, PT. Jamey is an author, former practice owner and founder of Practice Freedom U. PFU solely focuses on helping practice owners work less, learn more, and reignite their passion for patient care. His book, The Practice Freedom Method has been an Amazon best-seller. Jamey is on a mission to help ambitious practice owners achieve their dreams of what is commonly called Practice Freedom.

We had a great conversation and I really enjoyed Jamey sharing his ideas and challenging mine. I hope you enjoy it too.

You can find Jamey Schrier here:

Book: The Practice Freedom Method: The Practice Guide to Work Less, Earn More, and Live Your Passion. Facebook: Practice Freedom U Linkedin: Jamey Schrier Twitter: @jameyschrier Youtube: Practice Freedom U

Best method of contact – support@practicefreedomu.com

Find Daniel Seidler here:

Twitter: @dseidler

LinkedIn: Daniel Seidler

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