Episode 133: Dr Ian Hagemann – Advancing Fellowship Training In Selective Pathology

Today my guest is Pathologist Dr Ian Hagemann

What we discuss with Dr Hagemann:

  • His early interest in engineering, and eventually medicine, and some similarities between the two
  • How he discovered pathology, and his subspecialties
  • His role as Program Director of the Gynecologic and Breast Pathology Fellowship
  • How he became involved in the workgroup to update the Selective Pathology Milestones
  • The paper Advancing Fellowship Training in Selective Pathology: Design and Implementation of the Milestones 2.0 and some of the changes to the Milestones
  • The Milestone Supplemental Guide

Links for this episode:

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Advancing Fellowship Training in Selective Pathology: Design and Implementation of the Milestones 2.0

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