Episode 136: Dr Amanda Herrmann – CAP Residents Forum, And The Pathology Fellowship Application Crisis

Today my guest is Pathology Resident Dr Amanda Herrmann

What we discuss with Dr Herrmann:

  • Studying microbiology in college and how she decided to pursue an MD/PhD
  • Her initial interest in dermatology and how she discovered pathology
  • Her experience with the residency match process
  • How she knew transfusion medicine was right for her
  • Getting involved with the Association of Pathology Chairs’ Graduate Medical Education Committee 
  • The paper that was published by this committee, The pathology fellowship application crisis: The current state and suggestions for remediation
  • How she got involved with the CAP Residents Forum
  • Her role as chair of the Residents Forum and why it is important to get involved with professional organizations

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The Pathology Fellowship Application Crisis: The Current State And Suggestions For Remediation

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