Episode 160: Dr Bilal Ahmad – Spectrum Healthcare Partners, Concentriq DX, and Thinking Differently About Digital Pathology

Dr Bilal Ahmad is the managing director of the Spectrum Healthcare Partners Pathology Division.  He has been using digital technology for ancillary testing, such as TCPC FISH, flow cytometry, and IHC interpretation for many years. As a managing director, Dr Ahmad is now leading the digital pathology initiative and trying to steer the ship in the right direction. He believes that digital pathology is the future of pathology and sees it as an opportunity to fix many of the current issues and realize benefits that we may not even recognize yet. However, he also acknowledges that digital pathology is not a homogeneous entity and that there are many different types of digital pathology. Dr Ahmad recommends that pathology groups define their current state and what they hope to achieve before jumping to a solution with vendors and software.

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