Episode 161: Dr Casey Schukow – Finding Passion In Bone And Soft Tissue Pathology

Today my guest is Pathology Resident Dr Casey Schukow

We discuss the challenges of balancing personal and professional life in the healthcare field. Dr Schukow emphasizes the importance of fulfilling one’s needs and learning to compartmentalize. He also reflect on his decision to pursue pathology as a career and the fulfillment he has found in this work. Dr Schukow also talks about his experience starting the Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology podcast, and leveraging social media for education and awareness in the field. He highlights the benefits of online platforms and the potential for free fellowship-level education. He also shares his journey into medicine, an initial interest in orthopedics and dermatology, and the ultimate decision to pursue pathology. He discusses his fascination with bone and soft tissue pathology and the complexity and intrigue of the field. Finally, Dr Schukow emphasizes the importance of pathology in helping patients and his desire to contribute to the community through his work.

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