Episode 162: Dr Sheela Upreti – From Specimen To Sign-Out: Anatomic Pathology Explained

Today my guest is Pathologist Dr Sheela Upreti

Dr Upreti is the author of From Specimen to Sign Out, Anatomic Pathology Explained, which aims to provide accessible and helpful information for health professionals, including junior pathology residents, as well as potentially benefiting patients. She discusses her experience and insights on the role of pathologists in multidisciplinary meetings, emphasizing the importance of communication and collaboration in these meetings, where pathologists can provide valuable insights and suggest further actions based on their access to information and ancillary tests. Dr Upreti also highlights the impact of clinical history on the diagnostic process and dispels the misconception that providing pathologists with too much clinical information may bias their diagnosis. She discusses the limited exposure to pathology in medical school and the declining number of medical students going into pathology, hoping that her book will help reverse this trend.  Finally, she discusses the future of pathology education, focusing on technology, collaboration, and the potential of virtual reality in simulating pathology procedures and providing access to different types of specimens. 

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From Specimen to Sign-Out: Anatomic Pathology Explained

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