Episode 163: Dr David Klimstra – Paige, AI, And Changing Landscapes In Pathology

Dr David Klimstra is a Pathologist, Chief Medical Officer and Cofounder of Paige.  Today we will learn about his career path and motivation to become a doctor, and his interest in GI pathology. We will also talk about the evolution of subspecialization in pathology, the benefits and drawbacks of subspecialization, and the importance of understanding how diagnoses impact patient treatment.

The episode discusses the benefits of digital pathology and the application of AI in driving its adoption, as well as the initial resistance to digital pathology and the changes that have occurred over time. We will also learn about the Paige platform, its interoperability and unique features, and the significance of Paige Prostate Detect as the first FDA-approved AI-based pathology product.

The episode highlights the efficiency and time-saving benefits of using AI algorithms in pathology, and the potential benefits of AI in predicting response to therapy and providing more impactful clinical information. The future of pathology with regards to AI is also discussed with Dr Klimstra, including the integration of data from multiple sources and the role of AI as decision support for pathologists. 


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