Episode 182: Imogen Fitt And Nathan Buchbinder – Emerging Trends In Pathology: From AI to Precision Medicine

My guests today are Imogen Fitt from Signify Research and Nathan Buchbinder from Proscia.  We discuss emerging trends in pathology, including:

  • The current technology with the most significant impact in the field of pathology has been artificial intelligence (AI).

  • AI has stirred up imaginations about the future of pathology and has accelerated the timeline for seeing its impact.

  • Return on investment in digital pathology has shifted from being a challenge to becoming an opportunity that drives adoption.

  • Pathologists are not being replaced by AI but rather augmented by it to make their work easier and more efficient.

  • Precision medicine is a key emerging trend in pathology, with a focus on clinical biomarkers, companion diagnostics, and personalized treatment pathways.

  • Telepathology plays a crucial role in improving access to pathology services, especially in underserved areas and remote locations.

  • Collaboration among digital pathology companies is driven by customer demand for interoperability and seamless integration of technologies.

  • The future of pathology technology is likely to focus on precision medicine, clinical biomarkers, companion diagnostics, digital pathology storage, compression algorithms, robotics, and value-based care.


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