Episode 63: Dr Heather Couture – Machine Learning and Image Analysis in Pathology

Today my guest is Dr Heather Couture

What we discuss with Dr Couture:

  • Her work in computer science and computer vision
  • Her Masters program in robotics and and image analysis of images from Mars
  • Her dissertation work in predicting tumor biomarkers in breast cancer
  • How she founded Pixel Scientia and the works she does with it
  • Transfer learning and how it applies to pathology
  • Tissue segmentation in image analysis
  • The Pathology ML Insights Newsletter

Links for this episode:

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The ConfLab from LabVine

Dress A Med scrubs


Pixel Scientia

Pathology ML Insights Newsletter

Finding Prognostic Patterns in Gigapixel Images

A Deeper Understanding of Breast Cancer

Deep Learning-based Histology Biomarkers


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