Episode 71: Dr Barbarajean Magnani – The Power of Poison, and See, Test, and Treat

Today my guest is Pathologist and Author Dr Barbarajean Magnani.

What we discuss with Dr Magnani:

  • How she got involved with the See, Test, and Treat program
  • The paper she coauthored on starting a See, Test, and Treat program at Tufts Medical Center
  • How she decided to continue the Dr Lily Robinson story from The Queen of All Poisons
  • The new book, The Power of Poison, and one of the themes of people not being what they seem
  • How she uses dialogue between characters to explain scientific concepts in the book
  • How pathologists are the supreme puzzle-solvers
  • what we can expect from the third book in the series
  • Some of her other writing projects

Links for this episode:

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See, Test, and Treat

See, Test & Treat: A 5-Year Experience of Pathologists Driving Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening to Underserved and Underinsured Populations


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