F006* Rasu Shrestha at SXSW: “Healthcare shouldn’t be about survival but about thrival”

“Most startups are in a hurry, most of healthcare not so much. How do we deal with that?” was one of the first questions with which Rasu Shrestha, CIO at UPMC addressed his audience during the Future for health at SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. With the keynote titled “Everybody wants to innovate, nobody wants to change,” Rasu Shrestha offered his reflection on the barriers to innovation implementation.
The organizer of the conference was Future for health (FTR4H), a global organization trying to bridge the robust established Medtech world with young startups. To understand FTR4H a little bit better, a short talk with the co-founder of Future for health Tom Mitchell, president of Messe Dusseldorf North America is included in the podcast. Tom talked on stage at the Future for health conference at SXSW, right before Rasu’s keynote.


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