F008: How do sex, blockchain and medical anthropology go together? (Samson Williams, Axes & Eggs)

A sex hunting anthropologist walks into a mortgage finance institution and out into the world to lead health initiatives globally; this is the fascinating tale of Samson Williams’ health career journey.
Samson Williams is an entrepreneur and fintech guru. He has been an epidemiologist for the State of Florida, an Anthrax and WMD expert for DC Dept of Health and currently splits his time between serving on the DC Dept of Health’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), and as the Irish Ambassador for Crowdfunding to the EU and partner at Axes and Eggs, a blockchain and cryptocurrency consultancy based in Washington, DC.
Topics addresses: 
How does one go from medical anthropology to a cryptocurrency mining company?
How can digital health solutions help in disaster situations? 
Potential of blockchain in healthcare?


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