F014 Big data, AI, and the meaning of communication skills in digital health (John Nosta, Nostalab)

John Nosta has been holding a strong position as the number one influencer in the digital health space for quite a few years. His career started in a research lab at Harvard Medical School, until he redirected his creative energy into marketing. About six years ago John founder of NostaLab — a think tank helping life sciences companies navigate change by addressing their problems through unconventional thinking and leveraging creativity. Before that he worked for MedTech and Pharma companies to help them communicate the right idea to the right audience.
Some questions addressed: 
Are we losing control over the data?What’s the potential of voice recognition software? Can we avoid data gathering today? What are companies doing wrong when communicating their vision? Can innovation be born in large clinical institutions or do they mostly work as echo chambers?


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