F021 What is the CDC doing with blockchain? (Jay Jemal, IT specialist)

In 2017 media started reporting on promising blockchain projects inside the US Center for Disease Control (CDC). The hopes are that blockchain could help decrease the burden of reporting of epidemics, antibiotic prescriptions and the opioid crisis in the USA. In this episode, health IT specialist Jay Jemal talks about what potentials of blockchain were recognized by the Center for disease control in the USA. Jay Jemal is a solutions architect with the CDC, who is exploring how emerging technologies for data collection and analysis could benefit public agencies. In the past few years, he helped design collection systems for outbreaks such as Ebola, anthrax, E.coli.
Recap of this episode: https://medium.com/faces-of-digital-health/f021-what-is-the-cdc-doing-with-blockchain-36c15dac3603
More on blockchain in healthcare: 
F020 Blockchain, value of data, and the role of legislation with adoption (Ray Dogum, Health Unchained) – https://medium.com/faces-of-digital-health/f020-blockchain-value-of-data-and-the-role-of-legislation-with-adoption-ray-dogum-health-80919d909e97 
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Podbean: https://tjasazajc.podbean.com/e/f020-blockchain-value-of-data-and-the-role-of-legislation-with-adoption-ray-dogum-healthcare-unchained/ 
More on blockchain in healthcare:
If you’re a regular listener of this show, you’ve heard quite a few episodes on blockchain in healthcare by now – The basics of what blockchain technology is and how it could be used in healthcare, misconceptions around blockchain, and it’s actual potential around interoperability, I recorded a panel at SXSW where various speakers talked about blockchain in pharma, personal health records and identity management with blockchain.
Here are the direct links to the episodes:
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