F023 Patient centricity: music for patients, time for doctors (Walter Werzowa, Klaus Laczika, Denise Silber, Raquel Correia)

In the broadest possible sense, patient centricity is a mental shift from WHAT is done for the patient in the healthcare system, to HOW things are done. The HOW may include the used technology but also includes the environment. Walter Werzowa – Austrian composer, producer, and owner of LA-based music production studio Musikvergnuegen, and prof. dr. Klaus Laczika – An Austrian specialist in Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetics and Pediatrics, have been researching the effect of music on patients in the ICU for the last decade. They share their insight into the meaning of the environment in the care setting. 
The next indispensable piece of equipment will have to be earphones. 
Denise Silber, on the other hand, has been working for more than 20 years in the area of patient centricity and how to raise the patient-includedness in the healthcare system. She and Raquel Correia, a Paris based GP and an advisor to digital health startups share their views on what needs to be changed to prevent doctor burn-outs and enable them the basic conditions to offer their patients time and empathy in treatment. 


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