F027 Can Malta be a gateway to the European market? (Stefan Buttigieg, Health 2.0 Malta)

The first episode of Faces of digital health offers a reflection on digital health in 2018, followed by a discussion on digital health in Malta. Because the country is small, the adoption of new solutions could be faster compared to bigger countries.
Stefan Buttigieg, Specialist Trainee in Public Health Medicine with a special interest in Clinical Informatics, Social Media and Digital Health, and the co-chair of Health 2.0 Malta believes in the bright future ahead, driven by AI, blockchain, and younger generations. 
Some questions addressed: 
What is the state of healthcare and healthcare IT in Malta?
How big is the digital health community in Malta?
What is the funding situation like for digital health in Malta?
Is the national optimism and plans for digitilization driven by understanding or general hype of technologies such as artificial intelligence or blockchain?


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