F028 Anaesthesiology and the challenge of change management in hospitals (Chris Johnson, anaesthetist)

Chris Johnson is a Children’s Anaesthetist with 30 years of experience in clinical practice. Chris was the medical lead for the healthcare IT transformation of the Perth Children’s Hospital in Australia, which was planned after the institution relocated into a new building, approximately 10 years ago. 
In the end, the robotics system was bought, but the EHR project had been stopped, leaving the hospital medical records management right where it was — on paper. 
Several reasons contributed to the outcome in the huge process of change management. After all, the IT support projects presented only 25% of the budget for transformation. 
Some questions addressed:
What do anaesthetists do in practice?
What are the digital trends in anesthesiology? Will doctors be replaced by automation and precision dosing algorithms?
How does a tender for digital transformation of a hospital look like? Who has to be included? How long does it take?
How can hospitals be more pleasant for patients?
What is the role of architecture and design in the hospital?


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