F047 AI in healthcare 1/6: Giving patients their lives back

Short series about AI in healthcare: 1 – the potential impact of AI on patients
When reading about how digital health and AI are improving disease management, waiting times in decision making healthcare, we don’t only read about cost savings. These novelties show how patients are becoming more and more equal to healthy people and how diseases are affecting the quality of lives less and less due to
less time spent in the healthcare systems, faster diagnosis, faster treatment and recovery.
Of course, this is not going to happen tomorrow, but when has any progress ever happened fast, especially in healthcare? Yes, AI applications are still in the early stages of this, algorithms and studies currently based on retrospective studies. But the trend is what it’s crucial – the hype is annoying, but it attracts talent. And more people means more knowledge and faster advancements.
Other upcoming episodes in the series: 2- the current state of AI in radiology as explained by Woojin Kim3- the complexity of diabetes and development of algorithms as explained by prof. dr. Tadej Battelino,4- AI in stroke management.


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