F056 Digital health in Africa 1/4: Spreading health information in Tanzania (Mariatheresa Samson Kadushi)

Africa has 54 countries, that differ a lot in terms of their quality of care, political situation, and innovation. This short series explores healthcare in 4 African countries: – the most populous African country Nigeria with 200 million people, presented by a medical doctor and entrepreneur Ocoche Ubenyi, CEO of Nimedix Ecosystem,- South Africa with 59 million people is presented by a serial entrepreneur Sheraan Amod, currently the CEO RecoMed – South Africa’s largest doctor’s appointment booking platform. – Rwanda – a country with 12,6 million people and less than 700 doctors is presented by Patrick Singa Muhosa, Chief Medical Officer of Babyl – the Rwandan version of the UK company Babylon, offering online or phone consultations with doctors.
This first part explores Tanzania, with 58 million people. Mariatheresa Samson Kadushi is an ICT specialist and an entrepreneur, with rich experience running a tech company in Africa, while participating in country-level initiatives reforming communities; and also assisting small businesses, corporate companies and investors flourish. At the moment, Mariatheresa is fully engaged in building Mobile Afya (M-afya), a company trying to increase access to accurate medical information in Africa. She explains the current state of healthcare in Tanzania, and the challenges women face as entrepreneurs and seekers of medical information and help.
More about Mobile Afya: https://www.mobileafya.com/


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