F061 Why do so many data breaches and cyber attacks happen in healthcare? (Chris Bowen)

According to Clearwater cyberIntelligence Institute, one of the key issues in data breaches are user authentication deficiencies. These include password strength requirements, single sign-on controls, and locking accounts after too many failed login attempts are the three primary risks around user authentication – generic password use, physically posting passwords on a workspace, and or unencrypted emailing of credentials over external networks. If the key issue of data security and privacy protection in the past was how to archive data and prevent unauthorized access to archives, the cloud brought a whole new set of challenges. For one thing, security measures required from the personnel are getting increasingly complex. Additionally, while several advances have been made on the technological level of data protection – from different methods of encryption to high hopes stemming from AI and quantum computing, the bad guys are also using these technologies, says Chris Bowen, the Founder of and Chief Privacy & Security Officer of ClearDATA – US based company offering technology and services to assist organizations with their healthcare cloud security needs. We discussed the trends in cybersecurity in healthcare, the future, and what organizations should be mindful of when it comes to healthcare data protection. Enjoy the show, find the transcript on our website www.facesofdigitalhealth.com, and do subscribe to the show if data privacy, security and protection is on your interest. In the next episode, you will hear about GDPR and upcoming Medical Device Regulation from Jovan Stevović, Co-Founder of Chino.io. 
ClearDATA: https://www.cleardata.com/
Chris Bowen: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cbowen1/


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