F065 The power of patients 1/4: What do you do, when the system gives up on you? (Roi Shternin)

Roi Shternin had medical ambitions while he was still a student. Before he turned 20 however, his physical health started deteriorating to the point where he couldn’t get up from his bed. He visited 33 doctors. “The 33rd doctor told my parents that I will never get married or have a career, so they should just get me an as comfortable bed as possible, so I can die with dignity,” Roi remembers today.
Because he did not get a diagnosis, and consequently treatment, he lost a lot of his faith in healthcare. And after doctors gave up on him, he decided to try to find out the cause of his deteriorating health himself.
Summary of the show: https://www.facesofdigitalhealth.com/blog/f065-f068-the-power-of-patients-4-episodes-series 
Roi Shternin: http://roi.shternin.com/


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