F080 How far are we with digitising mental health support? (Christopher Molaro)

On April 15th this year a panel of experts published a position paper online in the Lancet Psychiatry, where they outlined a proposed government response to curb the long-term “profound” and “pervasive” impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health. Undoubtedly, the global lockdown caused a lot of anxiety in some individuals, depression in others, it is fair to assume some medical professionals will suffer from PTSD after the worst is over. The positive news is, that by today we have many validated digital tools and programs to help patients deal with mental health problems remotely. In this episode, Christopher Molaro, talks about why is access to mental health care still problematic, how can digital tools support providers and patients, and what trends are already visible because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Chris is co-founder of NeuroFlow –  a health care technology company whose goal is to bridge the gap between mental and physical health in all care settings. Chris first started thinking about the need for better mental health support and care coordination when he was still working for the US army. Upon return from his mission in Iraq, he started noticing how veterans and civilians alike face too many barriers when it comes to receiving appropriate, timely care. 
One of the things that CDC, WHO and other authorities advise us of doing in case of stress, anxiety, fear, sadness and loneliness in this unprecedented times, is to get plenty of sleep, avoid alcohol and drugs, try to eat healthily, keep in contact with your friends, colleagues, and family, and try to destress with deep breaths and meditation. 
Read WHO recommendations for mental health issues management, as well as the CDC guidelines to ease difficulties occurring during this pandemic. 
Summary of the show: https://www.facesofdigitalhealth.com/blog/s080-how-far-are-we-with-digitising-mental-health-support-christopher-molaro
The background music in this show was composed by the pop artist based in New York Cheryl B. Engelhardt. Cheryl suffered from debilitating panic attacks her entire life, tried many coping strategies and in the end composed an album called Luminary and started  a daily meditation practice with it. If you wish to find inner calm with her music, you can access it for free on all streaming platforms and meditation apps Insight Timer and Simple Habit. Listen to “Luminary” here


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