F094 How can we simplify regulation of digital health apps? (Liz Ashall Payne, ORCHA)

There are well over 300.000 digital health apps on the market. However, only a third of them have been updated in the last 18 months, says Liz Ashal Payne – CEO and Founder of ORCHA – a UK based organization with a mission to distribute validated apps to patients who need them. Liz Ashal Payne – a digital health veteran, who started her career as a speech ad language therapist, worked as Assistant Director of Allied Health Professions (AHPs), she was a Clinical Programme Manager of Academic Health Science Network for the North West Coast, International Outreach Coordinator for ECHAlliance and more. After years of being in the digital health space, she founded ORCHA – an organisation with the mission to distribute digital health apps to people who need them. 
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