F116 Medication Management Goes Beyond Pill Reminders. Patients Want Transparency. (Jennifer Butler)

Medication management is a complicated, expensive, and complex healthcare problem. Because taking medications is only a small part of patient’s lives, taking them correctly can be complicated and burdensome. Patients might not take medications because that gives them the sense of having their lives under control and not dictated by medicine. They will get fatigued by pill reminders because getting constantly told that you have a condition, can get emotionally draining. This causes non-adherence and can lead to complications. But some companies are proving that the mission to help patients is not an impossible task. 
Jennifer Butler – Chief Marketing Officer at Medisafe,  the world’s leading consumer medication management platform, approaching 7 million users in almost 200 countries, says patients want transparency about their treatments. It’s been clear for years that for medication management solutions to work, they need to go beyond pill reminders.
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