F123 AgeTech Series 3/4: Boosting Empathy In Geriatric Care (Martina Viduka, Advosense)

While discussions about the end of life are not easy, the pandemic opened up space for us to talk more openly about dying and the best possible care in the last days of our lives.

This is the third discussion about AgeTech:

In the first episode of this series, you can listen to what can we learn about the aging society from Japan.

In the second episode, you can hear how an Austrian startup is matching caregivers and the elderly based on their personality profiles.

The 4th episode, focuses on advanced care planning.

This episode puts the light on innovation in the field of geriatric care. Martina Viduka, a registered nurse by background is Co-Founder of Advosense. Advosense is a Berlin-based startup with the mission to empower clinicians to know when, where, and how best to respond to their patients’ needs. So far, the company developed disposable briefs with smart inlay technology that monitors the patient’s dryness. This makes caring for patients with incontinence a lot more effective and respectful. 

In this discussion Martina talks about: 

  • Innovation in geriatric care,
  • The future of public perception of aging,
  • Her experience of working as a nurse during the COVID pandemic. 

Episode Summary

Enjoy the discussion and to learn more, go to www.facesofdigitalhealth.com.


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