F136 Do You Understand the Psychology of Chronic Disease? (David Kliff, The Diabetic Investor)

David Kliff is the author and publisher of the Diabetic Investor eNewsletter, former investment advisor and as a person living with diabetes. As the author and publisher of the Diabetic Investor eNewsletter, David Kliff has spent the last 20 years analyzing the ups and downs of the diabetes industry. He closely monitors the diabetes biomed, biotech and device market and shares intel on breaking developments in existing and emerging pharmaceutical and tech companies that operate in that space. 

In this episode, David talks about improvements in diabetes care and the psychological impacts and challenges contributing to low adherence to medication adherence and other diabetes treatment-related challenges.

This discussion was recorded as part of the research for the documentary (OVER)DOSE – How can we prevent medication errors? 

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More details about the event: https://www.facesofdigitalhealth.com/blog/overdose-how-can-we-prevent-medication-errors

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