Healthcare Digitalization in the Middle East 2/2: Ambition and the and Leadership Aspirations (Michele Tarnow)

This is the second episode about digital health transformation in the Middle East. I spoke with Michele Tarnow, a healthcare leader experienced in managing across multi-national geographies, organization boundaries, and matrix organizations. Michelle has been living in UAE since 2016 and shared her insights into how are countries in the Middle East approaching digitalization of healthcare, how does cultural diversity amplify innovation and how is Alliance Care Technologies, the company she is the CEO of, using best available technologies to optimize care and offer clinicians tools for better care, without turning them into data clerks.

Enjoy the show and also tune in to the previous episode with a perspective of Zaid Tabet – healthcare executive who has been living in the Middle East for a decade and worked with government and private organizations to advance healthcare operations, processes, policies and regulations to promote digital healthcare adoption and use.

Enjoy the show and go to to browse through other episodes as well. 



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