How did Germany accelerate the speed of the digitization of healthcare? (Henrik Matthies, Maike Henningsen, Maren Lesche)

Germany is one of the European countries with higher healthcare expenditures. 11% of GDP goes to healthcare compared to the 9.6% European average. Patients can be covered under public health insurance, or if they earn more than 5000 euros monthly, they choose from private health insurance providers. Health insurance is mandatory but competitive as there are around 100 health insurance companies on the market. 
When Jens Spahn became the health minister In March 2018 Germany quickly became the European northern star of accelerated healthcare digitization. How did they do it?
You will hear from three speakers –
Henrik Matthies, managing director of the health innovation hub of the German Ministry of Health,
Maren Lesche – Head of Incubation at Vision Health Pioneers a pre-seed incubator ‘Vision Health Pioneers’ based in Berlin and
dr. Maike Henningsen – medical doctor, who specialized in OBGYN, oncology, endocrinology and reproductive medicine and who partially still works in the clinical practice but is also involved in Vision Health Pioneers as Head of Medical Business Strategy and involved in several other innovation projects.


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