How Do Nurses See Medication Administration Challenges? (Martina Viduka)

Nurses are the backbone of healthcare. They’re the closest to the patient, they offer support to them and the doctors. Their mission is to make patients feel better and recover as fast as possible. There is a global shortage of nurses and more often than not, nurses are stretched thin. The same as with doctors, mistakes can happen in nursing. You are going to hear from Martina Viduka A practicing nurse and the CEO of Advosense. In this discussion, she presented the nursing perspective on medication management in the hospital setting. This interview was part of the discussions recorded for the movie (OVER)DOSE – How can we prevent medication errors?. Find the link to the movie in the show notes, and see or hear the interviews with other speakers as well. I spoke with 10 experts from six countries across the world to understand why is medication-related patient safety a global problem in which everyone plays a role – the patient and his family, the doctors, the nurses, and the pharmacists.

Watch the documentary (OVER)DOSE – How can we prevent medication errors and the panel discussion on Youtube:

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